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This is one of the purest and goodest videos that exists on the web

human mans making music for me!! for only me, a beluga?? music just for me, me, a beluga whale????


I love how he’s nodding. Like “Yes, thank you fine Sir’s. This is lovely, I shall dance”

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Before she became known as the “replacement” mom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Daphne Maxwell Reid was the first African American woman named Homecoming Queen at Northwestern University and the first Black woman to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine. 

I met her at a NU homecoming event. she shared with us the racism she experienced at our school. how her first roommate saw her walk into the dorm room and stormed out because she didn’t want to live with a nigger. how when she won the crown for homecoming, the president of the university refused to place it on her head. and how when she walked on stage no one clapped for her, it was complete silence except for the black students.
Northwestern’s history is very ugly and I’m glad that I was a part of the legacy of black students that fought to make changes at NU

Wow!! I learned something new…


Aunt Viv was fine as hell.
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Panda Pied! Absolute beauty! Sure wish you could find them and I also wish they weren’t as much money as a car. 
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Young Cudder

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bonsai de primavera - Pesquisa Google on We Heart It.

If I were a tree.. bonsai. 
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Solange Knowles
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~   How “cool” was born. Pair with the surprising origin of “meme.” (via crutie)

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